Monday, 16 March 2009

Kev and Brian worked well on Saturday to build the frame for the new front door. It looks a bit strange here because the outside doors are closed. When we are open the outside doors will be propped open. Kev still has the strengtheners to put in and the cladding to fit. We are going to put glass in the top space. Between that and the glass in the door the main entrance area gets quite a lot of natural light.

The production area is getting more organised as time goes on. This is the biggest space we have ever had, and storage space too! We are very spoiled here - it's lovely to be able to have the space to get organised.

The shop unit that we bought but broke the glass in transit has become a wealth of recycleable material today. It weighed a ton and obviously made to last. There has been more than one occasion recently where Kev and I have gone to move the unit. Kev's end seems to move, but somehow my end doesn't. Funnily enough, this didn't happen when Kev and Brian moved it - I can't understand why!

The base is becoming the till counter. Kev has added legs to make it a reasonable height. Some of the boards and panels have been used to finish the front of the unit. The left-over work surface will be added tomorrow to finish off the top.

The four display cases fit very well in the end of the display area. Kev is going to tap in to the power supply behind the wall to illuminate the cabinets. After a dusting, these are now ready for me to dress. I have started to think about how I am going to put the displays together.

The drawers out of the shop unit have been removed. Here they will be used to display favours and ribbons. They need to have a coat of paint, but they should come up well. This leaves a big gap in the main shop area. Gillian suggested having our three little chocolate fountains on display - smarty pants! Great suggestion though, and this area will be set up for that - I think!

The glass hopefully can be cut down and used for over the front door, which doesn't really leave much of the unit left to use. We like to recycle as much as we can. I have always liked the idea that you can use everything on the pig except the oink! This is our approach to recycling - why buy new when you can make do!

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