Monday, 9 March 2009

I spent some time this morning sorting out the Wedding Room. I have thought of several different variations of how to set it out. The table that we had bought for the packaging area was carried back through for in here. Last time Kev and I were carrying it we got a bit stuck because there was too much in the way. I started to get the giggles and then the phone rang. Kev was not amused! It was much easier today. The material is stapled on and I think it has quite a good look. The top tier is created using a coffee table with another length of material. All seven cakes are on here at the moment, with another table set up for birthday cakes, a strawberry tower and cupcake display (when I get round to making them!)

Kev did an absolutely sterling job painting everything else that was upright - so now everything is blue! It is just drying out, but there is a fab effect of blue and white - just like wedgewood. There is also an element of silver and grey. Hopefully it will be quite elegant when it is finished being dressed.

The floors need to be painted in the main area now - hopefully that can be done tomorrow depending on other appointments.

The work surface arrived late this afternoon so Kev and George came back after dinner to fit it. The photos were taken on Kev's phone so the images are not quite as clear as usual. The kitchen area is now complete - we will get a bin to go under the end of the work surface and after a clean up the production area will be ready for action.

Joshua thought it was all a bit too much, or perhaps this is his impersonation of little rabbit foo foo!

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