Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sorry it's been so long!

Much of the work that has happened over the last couple of weeks has been itty bitty work that hasn't been photographable. We have also been getting ready for the Moray Wedding Exhibition which happened last Sunday. Photos of the event will be published soon at

It's now only 10 days until we open and there is still alot of work to do. Kev has finished panelling in the door and has painted it. He cut down a piece of glass from the dismantled unit which I have painted. Kev has now installed it over the door. It's a nice touch for the entrance.

What a nice photo of Kev!

Gillian has been over with us today and been a huge help. We sorted out the packaging area. We now have a packing table made with some work surface from the mart and wood from the reclamation yard. It is custom made for us, so anyone under 5 feet tall will be under the bench!

Everything now has a place and has been put away which makes stock control far easier. It means that the chocolates will be made in the production area, packed in the packaging area - all in the one space, and then through to the retail area.

Kev has cleaned down the production area ready to start making chocolates tomorrow. We have written a press release which will be put out tomorrow, both to local and national press. We open on Good Friday (10 days - aaaargh!), but we are holding a special open day for the press next Wednesday (even less time - double aaargh!)

This area is now complete and we have put a list together of what needs to be done over the next two weeks to make sure we are ready on time. Rebecka and George are off school for these two weeks so are being put to good use. They spent some time this afternoon planting flowers outside this afternoon. We'll finish off tomorrow and take a photo.

It still feels a bit of a building site, but we have made good progress today. Tomorrow brings new jobs and probably new challenges as well.

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